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Supercharge your agency with our partner services.
Are you a graphic design studio or marketing company? Our web development partner services offer you all the benefits of having your own in house designer at a fraction of the cost.
So, what can we do?
Site translation
or design
We can turn your site concepts, sketches or static designs into working sites, or let us design it based on your client’s existing branding.
You can hand-off your finished site designs to our developers for building.
We can build ecommerce services.
Landing pages
We can create engaging landing pages that convert visitors into customers.
We can create working prototypes of supplied wireframes that you can hand back to your client for further development.
We can create wireframes that you can hand back to your client for further development.
Aye, we're based in Glasgow.
Let's meet.
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Benefits to you
Don’t lose your clients because you can’t offer professional web design and development services.
By partnering with us you’ll be able to offer your existing client base a much wider range of services, and increase the chances of keeping them happy and on your books.

There’s no risk to you by offering our partner services, and you can have as little or much control of the project as you want.

Drop us a line for a chat about what we can do for you and your clients.
We lead, you lead partner services Skein Agency digital design marketing Glasgow
We lead. You lead:
Your choice!
Hands-on option
Whitelabel Service
  • • We work seamlessly in the background
  • • You are client-facing
  • • You appear to have a full in-house design & development team
More about whitelabel
Hands-off option
Referral Service
  • • We work with your client on your behalf
  • • We liaise directly with the client
  • • You receive a 40% commission for referring the work to us
More about referral
We schedule kick-offs at the right time and workshops when needed to generate ideas and prepare for the next step
We can work fast or take our time to include you into the whole process
Just because our work is done doesn’t mean we’re done with you. We’re always available to suggest new ideas and help you develop yours as the months and years go by
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Our skills partner services  Skein Agency digital design marketing Glasgow
Our skills
We've got skills.
The Skein Agency prides itself on our talent. We’ve had careers in design and development, and also work with our network of experienced and trusted freelancers to deliver solid, quality work that we and you can be proud to send to your client.
Design tools partner services  Skein Agency digital design marketing Glasgow
Design tools
We’re not standard, but our tools are.
We use Creative Cloud, Figma, Webflow, custom HTML, CSS and Java.
Communication tools partner services  Skein Agency digital design marketing Glasgow
Communication tools
We use the best communication and organisation tools.
Slack, Trello, Monday, Asana, Clickup... we can use many popular tools to organise our workflow and collaborate with our clients. Our love of tech makes for seamless communication.
Fees partner services  Skein Agency digital design marketing Glasgow
Let's talk money
We have flexible pricing structures to suit any partner or client.
We run a tight ship here at the Skein Agency, and we’re confident we offer superior services at very competitive rates.

Use our pricing calculator to give your client an indication of costs on the spot, which can then be followed up by an in-depth proposal and estimate.

Whether you outsource the project to us with our whitelabel service, or just refer the project to use and earn a 40% commission, you can be sure we’ve got a pricing structure to suit your budget.
Excelling is easy when you love what you do.
The small print partner services  Skein Agency digital design marketing Glasgow
Whitelabel and referral in more detail
Whitelabel service
We provide you with both a branded questionnaire in PDF format so you can talk directly to your clients, but we also give you your very own branded web portal allowing you to get customers to complete an online enquiry form, once completed you are emailed a copy and a copy is sent to one of our design team, so we can then liaise with you on pricing.

You have one contract with the client and one with us. We are behind the scenes while you interact with the client, passing information back and forth. The client never knows we exist. We bill you and you bill the client.
Referral service
You introduce our development team to your client. We liaise directly with the client whilst keeping you in the loop along the way. You still retain creative control (or not if you prefer).

As your web development partner, we contract directly with the client, handling everything from project management, development, testing, handover to on-going support.

Throughout this three-way arrangement you remain at the centre. Our belief is always to build long term partnerships that respect your relationship with the client and never offer any competing services.

As referring partners, we pay you 40% commission.

Who we are

Jus Chall

Brand Strategist

A Digital marketer originally from a software engineering background. Focused on delivering authentic brand stories and experiences via digital touch-points.


Lee Vickers

Creative Director

A professional graphic designer since 2003, perfected his craft with many city agencies working on international events and household brand name campaigns.     


Kelly Brown

UX Designer

A graphic design graduate with strong design and web skills. Enjoys creating meaningful User Experience (UX) design using her knowledge of Adobe & Wordpress.


Joan Grady


A talented copywriter able to apply her skills to digial marketing. Stints in journalism, marketing and sales promotion, advertising and eventually creative copywriting.


Paul Masalkas

Social Lead Generation

Specialising in Facebook and Messenger marketing to create hyper-profitable advertising campaigns that increase sales and lead generation for businesses


Joanne Brady

Social Media

A social media expert with oodles of experience in helping clients establish and develop an engaging presence on a number of social media platforms.


Eryc Silva

Web Developer

A Full process web developer, passionate about mobile first. Working to the latest  web standards, expert in: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP.


Amit Raj

Link Building Strategist

A link building expert. An impressive track record of creating and executing link building campaigns across many industries, around the globe.