What’s the point of your brand identity? Firstly, it encapsulates all the elements you use to portray your business to both new and existing customers. Secondly, it evokes feelings within them. Your customers want to know who you are as a business and this identity should remain consistent throughout all your marketing efforts. In essence, your brand identity is what makes you you in the eye of the beholder, so to speak.

The importance of great design

When you get it right, strong design can spark emotion, create camaraderie and inspire your audience’s next move. Getting down to it, great design is a game-changer. When this is applied consistently across your social media channels, printed media, emails, shopfront and more, it begins to form your identity.

While plenty of successful businesses do get by without focusing on design, does this mean it’s a waste of time? We take a look at five reasons why we think not...

1 / Tell your story

Everybody loves a good story. Nowadays more than ever, consumers are looking to work with companies and stories that they resonate with. Your story could be the main determiner as to whether your brand is one they can get behind. As not everyone is going to read through a lengthy bio, you need to consider other ways to tell your story. Your brand identify does just this. By alluding to your story through visual cues including colour, font and materials, show people your story through every piece of marketing you put out.

2 / Inspire emotion

When a brand makes us feel something, there’s an instant connection made. If you can generate excitement, joy or the sense of expectation within your audience, you’ve done something right. Emotion also inspires action, which means your audience will be much more likely to undergo your desired next steps if you make them feel something first.

3 / Influence your audience

Once you have established your identity and started making waves within your target audience, you start to get some clout. Soon you will be able to influence their buying decisions and have more sway in how you want them to feel about your brand.  

4 / Be yourself  

Your design choices shape your brand personality, and this should be unique to your business. If you try to emulate someone else, this will be difficult to sustain and will quickly become very transparent to your audience. It’s worth spending the time and effort getting your brand identity honed to your ‘truth’. When it’s clear your brand identity truly embodies your business personality, you will quickly gain trust and authenticity.

5 / Cut out conflicting messages

Having a clear and defined brand identity in place can pave the way for a consistent and reliable marketing strategy. It helps to refine your brand focus and avoid any contradictory messages. This is good news as once you’ve strayed away from your brand, you can quickly start to lose the faith of your audience.

At Skein, we know a thing or two about strong design. When it comes down to your website, digital and printed branding, we can help you make this the best it can be; as well as truly unique to your brand personality. To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash