Almost every small business has a website. With 582 million entrepreneurs worldwide, and growing rapidly, it takes a lot of effort to build a strong online presence and win the battle for web traffic. In this article, Jus explores effective techniques to increase traffic to your landing pages.


Fortunately, we know eight techniques for driving traffic to your landing pages and are ready to share them with you. Whether you've just built your first landing page or are tired of using strategies that don't work, you'll eventually find practices that actually work.

Before you start...


First you need to set goals. To do this, answer the following questions.

  • Do you want to get some conversions?
  • What is the average conversion rate for similar landing pages? How many visitors do you need to get the desired number of conversions?
  • When will you measure your results? The answer helps you analyse the performance of each advertising channel and identify weak locations for your strategy.

Conducting District Page Traffic: Free Strategies

The first question which comes to mind when you have a plan for a new destination page, "How can I advertise it for free?" The answer is "there are many free techniques, just take continuous action."


You will find below the most effective strategies for presenting your destination pages to success that can be applicable in any industry. 

Get Search Traffic: Best Practices Only

There are so many marketing strategies out there that I want to give each one a chance. Finally, after trying different strategies for a few weeks, you may find that nothing works. But it is not. It takes months to plan and stick to it to see meaningful results. SEO is one of these strategies.


At best, an optimised landing page will generate dozens of clicks per day (or week) in the first month. But that doesn't mean this game isn't for you.


Pausing a social media engagement or paid advertising campaign will stop your landing page from performing when it shows immediate results. Even if you are not actively building links or updating your content, there is search traffic.


The most common misconception about SEO is that you need strong technical skills to do it. The truth is that most SEOs generate links to a page that you want to direct traffic to. Once you have set up a fast loading page, specify a title, description and make sure you include relevant keywords in your content - all these things can be done with an easy to use website builder - all you need to do is to get backlinks from websites that link to your landing page. Well, it's not easy, but you don't have to be an SEO expert to do it.

The safest and most effective link building strategy


  • Guest post
    There are many blogs on the web where you can write. In general, you can add a link or two to a web page in your attribution content.
  • Conduct link building awareness
    Does your landing page provide content that adds value to other people's blog posts? Please contact the author and ask to link to the content.
  • Respond to resource requests in HARO
    HARO is a platform where authors can submit requests for expert quotes and anyone can respond. When they include your answer in their content, they usually provide a short title and a link to your website. 

Social media engagement technology to drive more traffic to landing pages


If you've ever tried to have a presence on social media, you know that it's not easy without an achievable strategy.


How can you increase social media engagement without promoting paid content? 

Tip #1: Prioritize personal accounts over brand accounts.

Having a business page on social networks is good. This contributes to the image and credibility of the brand. But if you don't have an Instagram ecommerce business, promoting your brand on your business account won't be as effective as building your own brand.


Here's a great example of how LinkedIn personal branding can help with healthy marketing.


Finally, viewers tend to trust people more than brands. A typical post from a personal account has much more impact than a post from a business account.

Tip #2: Start using conversational techniques to drive more traffic to your landing pages

Second, increasing engagement on social media is about engagement. If you're active on the platform - be it LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram (or maybe Pinterest?), you build a loyal audience that could one day become your customers. When you regularly comment on thought leaders' posts, enter your links when they are relevant and start conversations with your followers, your profile visibility as well as your website traffic increases.

Tip #3: Tag relevant people

Finally, when sharing an update, tag people who have contributed to the wizard so they are only interested in the news. When they respond to your post, it will appear in their followers' feeds, which will increase engagement.

Collaborative techniques to drive traffic to landing pages

Before airing your project, it's a good idea to think about promoting your project. What can I do during development to improve online performance when streaming?


Partnering with industry experts and other companies in your field will give your project extra momentum (see home page). Suppose you are planning to conduct a course. How do you get the most attention from your audience if you don't have many followers? Invite niche experts to participate and organize several workshops together. These people bring their audience with them, which makes it much easier to promote the course. What if the course is already live but doesn't have the right grip? It's not too late to invite new coaches to update it. 

Forums and online communities

People around the world have never been more eager to connect online than today. Recent events have created various online communities on social media channels and communication platforms. You'll find a community of marketers, gamers, entrepreneurs, programmers, students, and more. So share your experiences, ask questions and spend your time. These groups are a great way to recruit. Plus traffic to your landing page. Social media and search engines present content to a very diverse audience. Only 2% of these visitors are suitable for business. Meanwhile, a motivating group of people creates moderate traffic that converts even a small group at a rapid rate. Here's a snapshot of an ad in a brand new marketer community of just over 200 members:


The author has managed to attract the attention of the top experts in the field, which is often more valuable than generating thousands of views.


And if there isn't a real community in your niche yet, why not create one? 

Quora Marketing Techniques to Drive More Traffic to Landing Pages

Quora is one of the best platforms for getting quick and free results. This is a place to promote highly targeted content. Here you will find the questions of your target group on the topic and answer them like an expert. You can (and should) include links in the content of your answers. However, make sure your recommendations are relevant to the person asking the question. Otherwise, Quora moderators will delete your posts.


The key to success lies in finding new issues that are still being actively discussed. You can do this if you search for keywords related to your landing page content and set a time limit for the questions to ask.


The best thing about Quora is that its questions are classified by Google. With more and more Quora topics appearing on the first page of search results, Quora has become the channel of choice for those who want to benefit from search traffic without doing their own SEO.

Increase Landing Page Traffic: Paid Campaigns

What if you don't have the time to get into the long-term SEO or social media marketing game? Premium marketing is the answer.

Next steps?

If all this makes sense but you don’t have the time to implement them we’d be glad to discuss how we can take these chores off your hands. Or, if some of these techniques are too technical we’d be happy to advise the best approach for your business. Either way, chat about your requirements with Jus via live chat in the bottom right hand corner of this page or email him on