When you’re a start up business it can be difficult to set aside any of your initial funds for marketing. While this may feel like an early setback, there are actually a number of marketing tactics you can implement which can be carried out on a low budget. With these methods, you can make an early impact without breaking the bank.


Whether you’re commenting on blogs, in forums or on Instagram posts, interacting with others online can help your brand to build on its reputation and visibility. Ensure that you post thoughtful, considered comments rather than simply trying to sell your product or service. If you go in for the quick sell, most people will be inclined to ignore what you have to say.


Seek out other businesses which complement yours and approach them with a view to cross-promote. Word of mouth is one of the most trusted forms of marketing so not only is this method cost-free, but it is also proven to be deeply effective. This win-win negotiation is easy to setup and implement, just spend some time thinking about which businesses you align with, taking into consideration their values and clientele.


Essentially, get out there and talk to people both in your line of work and potential customers. This can be through events and trade shows, but don’t neglect smaller interactions such as meeting for a coffee. Remember, every interaction you have is a new networking opportunity. To find out more about making the most of networking events, click here.


Consider running a competition through your social media, serving to both encourage interaction from your existing followers as well as attracting new ones. Ensure that the prize you offer is attractive and will catch people’s attention. This will make them much more likely to participate and share your post. For your entry conditions, consider your final goal; do you want them to like, share and comment on the post? Make this clear.

Seeking out influencers

There are people online with a great deal of influence and they often endorse brands that they support for a fee, whether that be per post or per campaign. Now, that’s not to say they will all be conducive with your brand. Make sure their views and audience align with your brand and values before reaching out, as the support from the wrong people could detriment your image.

Gathering email contacts  

Brands with a wide network of email contacts with consent to share news and updates have the power to make more sales through the power of email marketing. There are many small changes you can make to get more email contacts, whether that be through adding a ‘sign-up’ button to your website, to acquiring them at trade shows and exhibitions.

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Photo by Oleg Laptev on Unsplash