In this day and age, social media is the driving force behind many successful marketing campaigns but not everyone gets it right. With an unengaged following and barely-used accounts, this is pretty much equivalent to not having a social media presence at all. While we’re not all seasoned social media moguls, there are some simple changes you can make to boost your social media presence and get your followers back on board.

Transform your aesthetic

While Instagram users are turning away from highly-stylised imagery and pristine set-ups, that’s not to say that visuals are no longer important. If your business has great lighting, a modern setup and interesting visuals, it will be much easier to gain attention on social media. Furthermore, public-facing businesses which allow for great selfies have the potential to attract a wider crowd. Some businesses have even gone so far as to set up ‘selfie stations’ which boast anything from the best lighting to show off your new look to interesting backdrops or wacky accessories.

Work together

By teaming up with another business you can benefit from mutual exposure and cross-promotion. Think about which businesses compliment your service or product and reach out to them. Most likely they will be willing to listen to your proposal if it is set to benefit you both. For example, hair and beauty businesses might team up with qualified semi-permanent make-up artists or a sports brand could consider teaming up with the latest local health food service.  

Listen to your customers

Most of the time, things don’t turn out the way you planned and, in this instance, it’s best to roll with the punches. Think of famous New York punk club CBGB. This club was opened with the intent to showcase Country, Bluegrass and Blues music – hence the name ‘CBGB’. The club evolved in a way which owner Hilly Krystal didn’t expect and it soon became legendary for debuting huge punk stars including Blondie, Ramones and Patti Smith. It’s worth taking the time to think about what your audience wants from your business and its natural evolution to see what direction you should go down.

Share your knowledge

From Youtube webinars to informational booklets, sharing knowledge not only benefits your customers but it also demonstrates your market knowledge. By showing you know what you’re talking about, you increase customer trust in your brand while getting your name out there. ‘How to’ searches are growing 70% year-on-year so think about what you know that could benefit others and then seek to share your knowledge.  

Respond to complaints

No-one wants to get complaints but burying your head in the sand or reacting with anger certainly will not help to stop these coming in. Think of complaints as constructive feedback and respond respectfully and with compassion. Many customers have low expectations of businesses when issuing a complaint so if you deal with it well, this could have a huge impact on their perception of your business. By responding to complaints on social media, other potential customers can also see that you care, and this will likely give them a more positive perception of your business.

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Photo by Sandrachile . on Unsplash