Any business using social media for marketing purposes needs to stay on the ball. Things are changing and they’re changing fast.

We’ve now got to the point where, rather than social media platforms calling the shots when it comes to innovation, they now need to increasingly respond to the demands of social media users. From the devices on which they’re being viewed and the content that’s making the most impact, this year will see an influx of changes. Do you know what’s in store for the future of social media?

An upsurge of visual content

Visual content has not only been proved as more memorable than its written counterpart, but it also encourages better audience engagement and is much more likely to be shared. Furthermore, audiences are increasingly basing their searches on visuals, so websites and content need to be optimised to facilitate this.

Evolution of video content

With 4x more of your audience preferring to watch video content over a written review, it’s clear that video content will continue to thrive in 2020. Out of all social media users, 1 in 3 watch or interact with videos made by brands in a month. Creating an engaging video is now easier than ever with the technology available, so there’s no excuse to get left behind.

Rise of VR and AR

This year will see Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) reach new heights, making it much more practical and applicable to our day-to-day lives. We’ve already seen devices which allow us to virtually try clothes on before we buy and discovered new possibilities with Facebook’s 360-degree photo/video content, but what’s next? Watch this space.

Mobiles take priority

Think of the amount of time you spend on your mobile compared to a desktop. Even if you’re a frequent desktop user, these are primarily used for business rather than personal and social use. That’s why all social media platforms and users will be encouraged to prioritise mobile when it comes to optimisation.

Taking things less seriously

We all like a good cat meme and this isn’t set to change in2020. Social media users are demonstrating a preference for less serious content over personal posts, preferring to watch videos or click on a funny meme.

Reshaping our conversations

Rather than communicate through text alone, younger social media users tend to favour sending video and image snippets with their friends. With this in mind, businesses should consider the type of content you’re posting based on your audience to capture their attention and grow your community.

Looking local

Companies are increasingly setting up local social media sites to appeal to key areas and demographics. These local social media pages allow businesses to connect with their audience on a much more personal level, as well as advertise location-specific offers. In reaction to this, social media pages are making it much easier for users to search based on location alone.

Getting your marketing strategy right on social media is no easy feat, especially if you don’t actively use it in your personal life. At Skein, we can help with developing your identity and branding, so you have a framework to use for every post you create. To find out more, get in touch.

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash