When considering your brand USPs, many businesses focus on ‘how will my product or service benefit the customer as an individual?’ Across all industries, businesses invest countless hours into creating individual customer personas with little regard for the collective whole or ‘the bigger picture’. This falls into the typical outdated model of consumerism, which doesn’t take on board more 'millennial' ways of thinking.

Shifting your focus

Let’s look at the facts, in the UK alone, millennials account for almost a quarter of the entire population; they will shortly become the largest demographic group in the UK. When it comes to spending habits, this group dominate the online shopping market. No matter whether you like it or not, your brand needs to appeal to this group.

The problem is, previously successful marketing methods are failing to impress tech-savvy millennials.

Working for change

It has been found time and time again that millennials want to align themselves with a brand which embodies their own beliefs, in order to evoke a sense of shared purpose. Rather than benefitting them in the short term, in many cases, it seems that consumers want to build long-term relationships with trusted brands. This approach appeals to a human’s basic need to belong to a community; to be part of something bigger.

Making connections

Rather than telling your target demographic that your product can solve a problem or make their lives easier, consider sharing your own experiences and make a connection. Your audience will engage with your brand on a much deeper level if they are given the opportunity to scratch the surface of your own story and motivations. Rather than telling your customer ‘what’s in it for them’, show them ‘what’s in it for us’.

Bringing people together  

By uniting your brand alongside your consumers with a sense of shared purpose, you will start to adopt a ‘WE’ over a ‘ME’ mentality. To put this into context, think about this in terms of a gym. If you tell your clients that they can get fit, lose weight and gain muscle in your establishment, you’re serving their ‘ME’ mentality. But what about when you bring a sense of togetherness into the equation? You start to introduce buddy discounts, team challenges and post pictures of other clients’ success on your social media.You create a community where people can share their struggles and share tips.All of a sudden, it’s becoming about the ‘WE’ – the wider community. That’s when you change from a place to get fit, into a fitness movement.

Remain authentic

Not every brand can make this transition overnight, but with the right strategy in place, you can trigger your natural evolution into becoming a purpose-driven brand. Whether you’re looking to take your brand in anew direction or want to refine your current strategy, the team at Skein can help you get and stay on track. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you.  


Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash